Picture of nopCommerce Admin-Vendor Mobile App (Flutter: Andorid & IOS)
Picture of nopCommerce Admin-Vendor Mobile App (Flutter: Andorid & IOS)

nopCommerce Admin-Vendor Mobile App (Flutter: Andorid & IOS)

nopCommerce Admin & Vendor App. In this package you will have IOS app, Android app and the nopCommerce API plugin with source codes.
Supported Version: 3.70, 3.80, 3.90, 4.0, 4.10, 4.20,4.30.


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Have you ever thought why it's worth to have mobile app? It's time to break away from the boring online stores. In the case of mobile apps and e-commerce solutions you can definitely rule on us. So far, we have offered the highest quality plugins to nopCommerce. Now, we are going mobile and we are offering you the highest quality mobile app designed. As shown in the image the Dashboad contains The Common Statistics which includes: Orders / Pending returns / Registered customers / Low stock Products. Through which Admin-Vendor can easily get the details about their products.

nopCommerce flutter Mobile app is a customizable public store solution for the our e-commerce software. This image is about the Order total, where Admin-Vedors can see the details about their orders whether the status is Pending / Processing / Complete / Cancelled.

Arrange your products details by the Bestseller by amount, which is one of the most amazing features for admin-vendor for increasing their sales amount wise and keep that highest collecting amount product in stock.

Get the perfect status of the orders placed by the customers. Can get the payment status / Shipping status / order number / Day- Date-year / Product total Price.

Get the order details report by adding / from & to date which Admin-Vendor wants to display / Order status / Payment status / shipping Status / Order number.

Now Adim-Vendor can get the details about their products by just scanning the QR code.

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