Picture of Accommodation Reservation Booking System Plugin
Picture of Accommodation Reservation Booking System Plugin

Accommodation Reservation Booking System Plugin

This is a plugin for nopCommerce which allows you to manage bookings and reservations at a Motel, Hotel or B'nB. The plugin uses a custom designed Booking Calendar to show availabilities and Product Attributes to allow customer to select booking options . You can Manage all the bookings in Administration with a custom administration page and reports.
Supported version: 3.80, 3.90, 4.0, 4.10, 4.20, 4.30.



Booking Form: Product attributes are used to define booking options for an order. The user can then select the number of rooms they wish to book, the number of nights they would like to book and the booking options. Alternatively, if the number of nights they require is not available then they can go back and select a new start date. The Short Description and Product Attributes for each Single Product linked to the Group Product are displayed. The total number of rooms selected, and the total costs of all options based on the price is displayed in the header

An availability can have various status
Available – A room is available to be booked
Low Availability – A room is still available to be booked but it has low availability at present
Not Available – A room is booked but the order has not yet been paid
Deposit Paid – A deposit has been paid
Booked – A room is booked and the order has been paid
Closed - A room is closed for maintenance or other reason and cannot be booked

Accomodation Sales: Click on the Sales button in the Menu to display the Accommodation Orders Page.
- Use the Select options at the top of the page to search for orders
- The From and To Date relates to the booking details not the order creation date
- To produce a report on all or the selected orders click the Accommodation Bookings Report Button
- To export all or the selected orders to excel click the Export Button
- To mark all or the selected orders as Paid then click the Set all Selected Orders as Paid Button

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