Picture of Shipping Director
Picture of Shipping Director

Shipping Director

shipping director plugin for NopCommerce. Available version: 3.80, 3.90, 4.0, 4.1, 4.20.

Sorry - this product is no longer available


- E.g.if State is Alaska or Hawaii then show message "Sorry,we can't ship to ..."

- Can even be used to check things like "Only 2 free items allowed"

- Continue evaluation, or exit when match found

- Ability to do direct queries against the database to retrieve data, rates, etc.(SELECT ..., and EXECUTE sp) (Assign to variables only)

- Parameterized queries

- String.Format style queries for truly ad hoc queries

- e.g. "select Zone from ShippingZone_Origin{0} where '{1}' between PrefixFrom and PrefixTo;[OriginZipCode],[ZipCode3]"

- Caclulate shipping option Name shown to customer (E.g. FedEx returns "Fedex Ground" - Remove string "Fedex", and just show "Ground")

- Caclulate shipping option Description shown to customer

- Use other shipping methods

- Modify the rates. (e.g. Calculate Rate as a % of Order Total, but with a minimum of $x)

- Exclude shipping options (e.g. USPS First Class returns 3 options: Letter, Postcard, and Package. Exclude Letter & Postcard)

- Modify the Name/Description displayed to customer (show just "Ground" rather than "FedEx ground")

- Special Variables can be referenced in expressions (special variable names have "$" prefix)

   o   $Id

   o   $Name

   o   $Expression

   o   $Rate (can be referenced in Surcharge)

   o   $TotalWeight

   o   $SubTotalWithoutDiscounts

   o   $SubTotalWithDiscounts

   o   $CurrentStoreId

   o   $CurrentStoreName

- Special Variables can be referenced in certain 'other shipping method' expressions (Name, Description, Surcharge)

     o $Name - name from other shipping method (overwrites $Name from current record)

     o $Description - Description from other shipping method

     o $Rate - Rate from other shipping method

- Special "Variables" that can be assigned

     o $ZipPostalCodeFrom - gets passed to other shipping option (only UPS currently uses ZipPostalCodeFrom)

     o $CountryFromTwoLetterIsoCode - gets passed to other shipping options

- Packing capability, including Requires Own Box, and multiple Senders

- Packing includes options for how to call offline rate methods(One request, One request per Package, One request per sender)

- Errors are logged in System Log

 Supported version: 3.80, 3.90, 4.0, 4.10, 4.20.


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