Shipping Director

Shipping Director

shipping director plugin for nopcommerce Available version: 3.80, 3.90, 4.0, 4.1

Have you been struggle with how to calculate shipping charges?  The NopPlus Shipping Director allows a store owner to calculate shipping options and rates for complex scenarios by allowing conditional expressions to determine what shipping options apply, and expressions to calculate Rate, Surcharge, Name, and Description.  Calculate your own shipping rates, and/or use any number of other shipping method plugins and adjust their rates, names, descriptions.  Additionally, perform database lookups to get information or rates.

  • Create variables for use in complex expressions.  (including Reference type variables as NopCommerce object shortcuts)
  • Calculate your own shipping rates.
  • Use any number of offline shipping rate computation methods  (e.g. Fixed Rate, By Total, By Weight)
  • Use any number of online shipping rate computation methods (e.g. FedEx, UPS, etc.)
  • Ability to evaluate expression to determine if shipping option applies
    • Evaluate all shipping option conditions, or exit when match found
  • Ability to evaluate expressions for shipping option attributes
    • Rate
    • Surcharge
    • Name
    • Description
  • Ability to evaluate expression to determine if an "error".
    • E.g.   if State is Alaska or Hawaii then show message "Sorry, we can't ship to ..."
    • Can even be used to check things like "Only 2 free items allowed"
    • Continue evaluation, or exit when match found
  • Ability to do direct queries against the database to retrieve data, rates, etc.  (SELECT ..., and EXECUTE sp)  (Assign to variables only)
    • Parameterized queries
    • String.Format style queries for truly ad hoc queries
    • e.g. "select Zone from ShippingZone_Origin{0} where '{1}' between PrefixFrom and PrefixTo;[OriginZipCode],[ZipCode3]"
  • Caclulate shipping option Name shown to customer (E.g. FedEx returns "Fedex Ground" - Remove string "Fedex", and just show "Ground")
  • Caclulate shipping option Description shown to customer
  • Use other shipping methods
    • Modify the rates. (e.g. Calculate Rate as a % of Order Total, but with a minimum of $x)
    • Exclude shipping options (e.g. USPS First Class returns 3 options: Letter, Postcard, and Package.  Exclude Letter & Postcard)
    • Modify the Name/Description displayed to customer (show just "Ground" rather than "FedEx ground")
  • Special Variables can be referenced in expressions (special variable names have "$" prefix)
    • $Id
    • $Name
    • $Expression
    • $Rate (can be referenced in Surcharge)
    • $TotalWeight
    • $SubTotalWithoutDiscounts
    • $SubTotalWithDiscounts
    • $CurrentStoreId
    • $CurrentStoreName
  • Special Variables can be referenced in certain 'other shipping method' expressions (Name, Description, Surcharge)
    • $Name - name from other shipping method (overwrites $Name from current record)
    • $Description - Description from other shipping method
    • $Rate - Rate from other shipping method
  • Special "Variables" that can be assigned
    • $ZipPostalCodeFrom  - gets passed to other shipping options (only UPS currently uses ZipPostalCodeFrom)
    • $CountryFromTwoLetterIsoCode - gets passed to other shipping options
  • Packing capability, including Requires Own Box, and multiple Senders
  • Packing includes options for how to call offline rate methods  (One request, One request per Package, One request per Sender)

Errors are logged in System Log

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