PayU Biz Seamless Integration plugin

PayU Biz Seamless Integration plugin

Using this plugin your site will have all the option like Credit Card, debit card, Net banking, wallet, google Tez, UPI payment, EMI etc for payment using PayU Biz Seamless Integration plugin. Supported versions 3.90, 4.0, 4.10, 4.20.

Supported Country - India

PayU Biz Seamless Integration is basically a payment gateway through which the customers can make their payments easily and through multiple ways.

 Seamless = The payment will be done directly through API. It will not redirect customers to PayU Biz site.

Supports multi options of transactions like Credit Card, debit card, Net banking, wallet, google Tez, UPI payment, etc. and EMI option is also available.

Multi transaction options will provide the customers to choose the better option for them to make the payments all over the India.


Authorize: Authorize the payment and the customer will be charged later on.

Authorize And Capture: Authorize the payment and customer will be charged at the same time.

Capture: Capture Charge for "Authorize" payment customer.

Void: Void the payment (for authorized payments).


 Full: Refund the money to the customer.

 Partial: Refund a certain amount to the customer.

Recurring Payment: Recurring Payments support. Recurring subscription is done through PayU Biz Seamless.
Once PayU Biz Seamless invoices the subscription at the time of renewal, a notification is sent through the plugin’s web hook and a new order is created.
If payment fails, an email notification will be sent to customers.
Stripe subscription is cancelled once it reaches the number of renewals.

PCI compliance(Security): Protect customer card information. PCI compliant credit card payment page using PayU Biz Seamless Elements. Credit card numbers do not pass through your server but goes directly to Stripe.

By using our plugin PayU Biz Seamless Integration the customers will able to make the payments securely and easily.

Supported Version - 3.90, 4.00, 4.10, 4.20.

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