Frequently Bought Together Plugin Released

May 23, 2017





We are very happy to announce the release of our new plugin Frequently Bought Together has been upgraded to version 1.1 with other Awesome features. This plugin increases sales options for customers by grouping related products and “Customer who bought this also bought that”-type products as well as custom grouping of products. The customer can purchase these groups in one click! The plugin introduces on the product page additional product blocks grouped together.

The Frequently Bought Together plugin displays the product groups in an eye-catching and convenient way for purchase. The grouped products block allows displaying a set of items that may be associated by a certain criteria (for example: camera, tripod, camera case and a charger). All these items form a group based on statistical analysis of your store and will be give one price. Customers can add to their cart all the set items to the cart simultaneously or tick the items that they choose using the displayed check boxes.

The Frequently Bought Together plugin aims at increasing sales with minimum setup by the store owner. 

We are offering 50% discount for first launch plugin use discount code: FIRSTLANCUH

Feel free to try it:

Frequently Bought Together Plugin Features

  • Allow bulk add to cart from product page
  • Its covers related product and customer who bought also bought products in the list
  • Allow to set Frequently Bought Together section in anywhere in the product page using widget functionality
  • Its support all currency for bulk price calculation
  • Its supporting now Product Attribute, Tier Price. Rental Product, Gift Card and Minimum Quantity on single click
  • The plugin supported in nopCommerce version 3.90, 3.80 and 3.70
Next version plan:
  • Custom product display
  • Dynamic Image size
  • Add more widgets
  • Add all to Wishlist
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